WALK83.01 for PSC Research

Click here to make a general event contribution to WALK83.01 for PSC Research.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of PSC Partners, our fundraising goal is $120,000.

Join the Walk For a Cure! Thank you for uniting with the PSC Partners staff, board of directors, and hundreds of other community members on our mission to raise funds for PSC research. 100% of funds raised via the walk go directly to PSC research, including the PSC Partners Research Grants Program! You can WALK 83.01 miles, pick a distance that works for you, or split the miles with friends and family.

Donate to PSC research whether you walk or not! Not up for walking at all? No problem. This is a fundraiser, and we hope you will donate, anyway. In keeping with the theme, our suggested minimum donation is $83.01, but please contribute an amount that is comfortable for you. Every dollar gets us closer to finding treatments and a cure for PSC.

Canadians can participate in this FUN fundraiser by donating to PSC Partners Canada.


Click the play button below to watch a heartwarming story about how a person struggling with PSC had her life saved by a living liver donor.


Why did we choose 83.01 as a goal? Because the unique disease code for primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is K83.01. (Get more information about the PSC ICD-10-CM code here.)

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WE ENCOURAGE PARTICIPATION BY EVERYONE IN OUR U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL PSC COMMUNITY. To get more information about this fundraiser, visit the WALK83.01 for PSC research page on our website.

Click HERE to learn more about primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).